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About Pink Jones

Pink Jones was created by Kevin Jones, an entrepreneur from Urbana, IL by way of Mt. Vernon, IL.

Kevin worked several jobs during his 20s and soon realized that working for someone else wasn’t for him. The early days of entrepreneurship were filled with varying products, many rejections and failures, and few wins. He discovered his passion for apparel and Pink Jones was born!

Pink Jones stands for (P)Positivity (IN)inner peace and (K)Kindness, while the Jones (not only his last name) part is to fixate on those goals. Pink Jones consists of an ISM collection which puts a positive spin on the negative feelings that are associated the other 'isms in our society.

Kevin, along with his lovely wife Heather Jones, have three talented boys, Jaden, Chandler and Kai. Through Pink Jones, they hope to spread positivity and have people feel good about themselves while wearing Pink Jones and the ISM collection.